Another Consequence of Climate Change Alarmism


We are all well aware of the results of global warming alarmism – we see it every day with the wind farms that blight our countryside, we pay for it every day in our energy bills, we are guilt-tripped by it every day with pressure to save energy/ go green/ save the polar bears/ drive electric cars etc.

But that’s only half the story.

As the Developing World tries to catch up with the West, they too are being stymied by the same guilt-tripping of the UN and IPCC and government agencies in a policy of gross hypocrisy.

While it’s OK for the West to have built a way of life off the back of fossil fuels (often from countries in regions like Africa), those same African nations and others around the World are being told to toe the climate change line and commit to using expensive renewables in preference to the oil and gas that many of these same countries have in abundance.

The perversity of this argument goes further.

In getting commitment from developing nations not to increase their CO2 output, the UN has committed to give billions to these nations with a promise of;

$100 billion a year by 2020

As a G7 nation you can bet that the UK will be expected to put their hands in their pocket and stump up a good portion of this money.

So not only are we being stung by green taxes in the UK to subsidise renewables like wind farms, but our government will also be spending billions more of our tax revenue to contribute to this UN Green Climate Fund, who will in turn hand over the cash to the governments of developing nations.

You may have already spotted the potential flaw in this plan, as this recent story somewhat euphemistically comments;

But Africa’s capacity to use the funds once they have become available remains one of the central issues, with many fearing countries lack the necessary frameworks to make sure the money is used for its intended purpose.