African Development


Following on from my previous article on LNG, I read a report that Tanzania are trying to develop a new port and trade hub near the town of Bagamoyo.

Development in African countries continues apace and Tanzania is one country that has the potential to be an LNG power house, possibly rivalling Nigeria, as it has massive off-shore gas reserves to potentially exploit.

As often happens with these things, it seems that vanity and politics (two things never too far apart) are leading to an illogical decision about the location of the new mega-port which may hinder rather than help the development of natural resources that will enable the Country (and the region) to expand and prosper.

Of course, the other great hindrance to the development of African Countries (and other poorer nations around the World) is the UN drive to limit fossil fuel burning in the mistaken and misguided aim of reducing Global Warming.  It is perverse in the extreme that having got rich off the back of exploiting oil and gas reserves (some of it take from these poorer nations) that the West now seeks to limit the extent to which these poorer nations can do the same.  Instead, offering to hand them up to $100bn per year – yes, this is correct – through its Green Climate Fund, to help them develop other means of energy creation.  One report stated somewhat euphemistically;

“But Africa’s capacity to use the funds once they have become available remains one of the central issues, with many fearing countries lack the necessary frameworks to make sure the money is used for its intended purpose.”

This is a prime example of how the West, the UN, the EU and all the others are failing Africa.