Beware of Scam messages through LinkedIn.

Yesterday I received a LinkedIn request from Bob Dudley, CEO of BP, to join his network.


I have to say I was quite flattered and not a little surprised that such an august figure should request me to join his circle. But I did recently spend two and half years on the successful BP Shah Deniz 2 project and assumed that this had something to do with it.

A few hours later I received a message from Bob that read “Dear Chapman,  Bob” with an attachment.

Needless to say I immediately suspected a scam, not least because my Christian name is Paul, not Chapman. So I looked more closely at the profile of this Bob Dudley (which had no profile picture by the way) and saw that he had just 22 connections – not many for a very senior figure in the global Oil and Gas industry – and the email address associated with the account was a strange gmail account.

The message was reported to LinkedIn as a scam/ phishing email.

Just for fun I searched LinkedIn for “Bob Dudley BP” – you would be amazed how many entries there are!

Beware, scammers are operating everywhere.