It’s a Dangerous World Out There

Back in the summer I spotted this article about the deaths of two people from an ammonia leak at a plant in Sabah, Malaysia.


We sometimes forget that the oil industry is a dangerous one. In recent months there have been explosions at two facilities in the US including the Tesoro refinery in Carson on the outskirts of LA and in Convent, Louisiana.

Neither of these resulted in deaths which was fortunate.

The speed at which these events can unfold is truly frightening – watch this video of the Pemex refinery explosion.

Of course we realise that chemicals like ammonia and flammables like oil can be dangerous, but there are other hidden dangers in what appear to be benign places.

Every year we see on the news reports of people dying from carbon monoxide poisoning, usually in their home or on holiday, caused by poor ventilation of a boiler.


Perhaps one of the most unpleasant ways to go that I’ve heard of in recent years is reported in the photo above – where three workers died after being overcome by fumes and drowning in 3 feet of concentrated chicken waste.

Stay safe.

STOP PRESS:  Explosion in Normandy, France reported today