EU Energy Crisis Opens Door For Canadian Tar Sands Oil


Still struggling to come to terms with the energy crisis that it has caused by its meddling in the Ukraine/ Russia affair, the EU has now been forced into an embarrassing U-turn on the import of tar sands oil, as reported here.

A European Union plan to label tar sands oil as highly polluting in its fight against climate change has been abandoned after years of opposition led by major producer Canada.

A proposal published by the European Commission on Tuesday removes an obstacle to Canada exporting tar sands crude to Europe and comes at a time when tensions between the EU and top oil supplier Russia are running high.

EU sources, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the desire for a trade deal with Canada had been a factor given the situation with Moscow.

The article continues with comment from Green lobbyists;

“The Barroso Commission has chosen to put trade deals like TTIP (the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) before the environment,” said Greenpeace EU energy and transport policy director Franziska Achterberg

This last point has much greater significance than you might imagine – as the TTIP negotiations continue with the potential to threaten areas of the economy and more importantly the NHS.

Be under no illusion, the EU is well and truly in bed with big business (and their money).