Blowing the dust off

Blowing the dust off this blog and trying to get it started again.

Surrey Hills 1

Firstly the bad news is that I was let go from KBR at the end of May. There was very little work in the office, but the debottlenecking study that I’d been working on for 6 months+ had finally been converted into a proper FEED/ EPC project which meant that it was worth swapping me out for a staff person. Not ideal, but not unexpected and if I’d been a staff person sitting on the bench twiddling my thumbs I’d expect to be given the work. Plus, the guy that took over from me is an excellent engineer and will do a really good job of the FEED/ EPC phase.

Some good news; I was actively involved in the Referendum campaign and having the time off meant I was able to dedicate a good few hours to the Leave cause, which I did. Including 20 hours of leafleting in the final three days of the campaign followed by checking my local polling station at 6:45am on polling day then telling at another polling station from 7:30am to 4:30pm followed by food then another 2 hours leafleting. Once that was done, it was back home for a shower and then off to the count at the local theatre – a great night, as it turned out.

More good news; after the Referendum, I was able to spend a bit of time with my camera and took a few nice shots of the local area (such as the one above).

But the best news; I’ve got myself back into work, this time with Amec Foster Wheeler in Reading on a refinery expansion project, which means I only had to take 6 weeks off. Considering the plight of a number of my friends and former colleagues, I’ve been very fortunate. I remember back in 1999, which was the last time I had a break, I had just 3 months contract work for the whole year and ended up taking a job selling speciality chemicals in Hampshire just to earn a few pounds.

Things are starting to recover in the Oil industry, albeit slowly, so fingers crossed we’ve got through the worst.