Green Blob Costs Jobs

petrol fillup

From a recent article on the Downstream Today web site;

Industrial group Siemens has resigned itself to never selling another gas turbine in its home country following Germany’s switch to renewable energy, its chief executive said.

1600 jobs are lost as Siemens sees no prospect for future sales in Germany. Meanwhile renewables continue to propser thanks to massive subsidies.

The Siemens-built Irsching gas-fired power plant in Bavaria, one of Europe’s newest, is to be shut down next year. It is one of many German conventional power stations being pushed out of business by competition from renewable energy.

Competition is good and if the green revolution were as cost-effective without subsidy then that would be fine, but it’s not. And so governments across Europe and further afield are taxing us so that they can pay the renewables sector to put conventional energy companies and their employees out of business.

It’s a strange world!

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