Get fracking on with it

gas ring

Fracking has the potential to unlock significant benefits for the UK;

  • Cheaper gas
  • Increased revenue for government
  • Additional cash for local investment, and now
  • Extra money directly to the pockets of those most impacted.

As this article reports;

Britons living near “fracking” developments will be able to decide how a 1 billion pound ($1.3 billion) shale gas wealth fund should be spent, either by accepting direct personal payments or supporting projects such as railways or flood defences, the government said on Monday.

There is still a lot of objections from certain areas to fracking, much of it based on myth and legend and a lack of understanding of the technology and also the differences between how the UK is supplied with tap water compared to the US.

Whether the green lobby like it or not, it will come to the UK and it will be good thing;

Britain is estimated to have plenty of shale gas resources in place, enough to cover the country’s annual gas needs for hundreds of years.

Imagine that – not having to rely on imports of fuel for years.

The quote from Greenpeace UK’s chief scientist that;

You can’t put a price on the quality of the air you breathe, the water you drink, and the beauty of our countryside

Is particularly specious;

  • Gas is far cleaner than coal and oil and by replacing these fuels with gas will improve air quality
  • Water quality will not be affected. Fracking takes place hundreds of metres below the water table and almost all UK water is supplied from treatment works where any unexpected impurities will be removed.
  • To claim to be concerned about countryside beauty while advocating covering our land in giant monstrous wind turbine bird shredders is totally hypocritical.

Hopefully the government will push forward without delay.

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