Coal Own Goal

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As I have written here before, the European Union’s race to eliminate coal under the flawed logic of reducing CO2 to save the planet is once again demonstrated.

As a cheap energy source, at a time of austerity and concern about reliance on fuel from potential rogue countries such as Russia, coal should be retained and money spent on modernisation. Instead, plants like the SSI steelworks in Redcar are forced to close with the loss of 1700 direct jobs and many hundreds more indirectly.

While at the same time we can read stories like this one in Downstream Today, telling of India’s latest mining project which it hopes

will in five years be Asia’s biggest coal mine.

India’s coal minister sums up the futility of EU green initiatives and the worthless soundbites that will no doubt come out of the UN Climate summit in Paris in December.

Environment is non-negotiable but we can’t live without coal. You can’t wish away coal,

The article goes on;

China, India and Indonesia now burn 71 percent of the world’s newly mined coal according to the World Coal Association, with new European and North American consumption negligible as their countries turn to cleaner energy.

Other Asian nations are increasingly looking to coal to power their economies too, with Pakistan, the Philippines and Vietnam opening new plants, pushing the Asia/Pacific region to 80 percent of new coal plants.

The list of other countries expanding their coal infrastructure goes one; Japan plans to build another 41 new coal-fired units over the next decade, Australia’s exports rose driven by increased demand from South Korea and Taiwan.

It’s no wonder the EU share of global GDP is declining if politicians continue to make crass regulations without any cognisance of the consequences.

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